About Us

Born in the USA.  

Started from our offices in Miami, Florida, Custom Night Lite is a business that introduced the innovation of customizable illumination. From idea to design to testing to execution, we have done it all when it comes to our product, and that's why we can stand by it so strongly. Our mission is to deliver a product that will make people happy. A product that can be an amazing yet affordable gift and that can illuminate good memories or happy images to all those who use and see it.

Our custom night light business was not only born in the USA, but it specializes in assembling and distributing all its products from the USA. No drop shipping, no scams, no cheaply made products. Our products get shipped FAST and easy and that has always been our company code. No challenge was too big for us as we ventured into the competitive night light business and invested in this company and ourselves. Now that we have a piece of the market we are making everyone reconsider what a "cool night light" is really like. 

When we first introduced our custom logo service, our customers were bewildered and our designer was overloaded with work. We're extremely glad this package was able to bring so many peoples drawings and imaginations to life in the form of digital art and an Illuminating household keepsake. We're also thankful for our designers who create beautiful artwork in record time, which allows for our extremely low price on custom designed lights.


Custom Night Lite is glad to serve all of its customers and will continue to grow and expand on products and features as time goes by. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, comments, or compliments simply contact us at our contact email. We like to keep things personal around here so we don't use those confusing and generic contact forms like our competitors use. Simply drop us an email and we will respond within a business day. That's the way that we like to do business and keep in touch with our happy customers.


Contact Us:

Info@CustomNightLite.com (General Inquiry)

Sales@CustomNightLite.com (Order Help)