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Upload your image and we'll take care of the rest. Say goodbye to the dark in an elegant, customizable fashion. Customize with an image, phrase, or let us recommend one of our most popular backgrounds. One of A Kind night light crafted exactly how you want it.

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  • Ashley Taylor

    "I ordered one and uploaded a picture of Spongebob for my son. It came in just 5 days and he really loves it!"

  • Nicholas Miles

    "Got this for my 8 month anniversary with my girlfriend. She really loved the nightlight. Great price for the gift"

  • Mikey Ben-Tov

    "Ordered a custom night lite done with my design for my business office bathrooms. Not only did I get a night light for the bathroom, but I also got my businesses current logo! All from an idea I drew on a napkin and uploaded!"


Why order a custom night light instead of a regular one?

Simple. Regular nightlights sell for an average of $20-22, whereas ours is $19.95. With ours you get the power of customization. Make it exactly how you want it, however it looks best in the room you're placing it in. With our night light you get a higher quality and trustworthy brand of nightlight with whatever YOU want on it. So the real question is, why wouldn't you buy a custom night light?

What if I can't find a photo I like to upload?

We can help! We offer a design service which includes a night light and a fully custom design created by one of our design professionals using your idea or sketch. Simply tell us what you want, anything from a custom logo for a company, a custom message for a loved one, an edited version of a photo you have, a custom design based off your sketch or drawing, etc. We can do anything! Not only do you receive a night light with your design, but you also recieve the image file in HD Format so you can use it as you like.

How is quality and illumination of the Custom Night Lite?

The Custom Night Lite is great quality, and we stand by it. Any issues you might ever have with it would be promptly solved by our USA based customer service team who are here to make you happy. You can buy with confidence that any issue you might encounter will be solved promptly and fairly. With that being said, we almost never encounter customers that have issues with out product. Thanks to assembly in the USA, you can trust the quality is always top-notch. As far as illumination goes, we conducted testing with multiple different light colors, intensities, and angles. We found that a 7 watt Warm light bulb with a surrounding cover provides the perfect balance of illumination yet subtly so you can sleep easy yet also be able to see perfectly without stunning or blinding your eyes when you wake up at night.

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